Espagne – Mercredi 30/12/2020 – At the beginning of December, the pieces of the part-scale wind floating platform PivotBuoy arrived to its final destination, the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where they are being assembled for its final goal: being operative in PLOCAN’s open ocean Test Site.

The manufacturing commenced this summer at DEGIMA facilities in Santander, Spain, after X1 Wind and its partners completed and approved the design of the single point mooring system platform for floating wind turbines at the beginning of the year.

The platform will be installed at a test site at the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) in Gran Canaria.


The prototype, which will feature a part-scale platform with a Vestas V29 turbine, was planned to have been installed this autumn at the test site in Spain.

X1 Wind, which leads the PivotBuoy floating wind project,  announced this month that it had been selected in the last round of funding in the pilot phase of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator.


La plate-forme flottante éolienne offshore PivotBuoy sera installée en septembre

« The main project objective is to reduce the cost of energy (LCOE) of floating wind by 50% through the validation of the «  »PivotBuoy » », an innovative subsystem that reduces the costs of mooring systems and floating platforms, allows faster and cheaper installation and a more reliable and sustainable operation.
The PivotBuoy system combines the advantages of Single Point Mooring systems (SPM – pre-installation of the mooring and connection system using small vessels) with those of tension-leg systems (TLPs – weight reduction, reduced mooring length and enhanced stability), enabling a radical weight reduction of 50% to 90% in floating wind systems compared to current spar and semi-submersible systems but also enabling a critical simplification in the installation of traditional TLP systems.
The PivotBuoy concept, initially conceived by its founder while at MIT, is currently at TRL3 after the proof of concept in a wave tank at 1:64 scale and it is the result of years of experience. The project proposes validating the concept at PLOCAN test site, integrating a part-scale prototype of the PivotBuoy single point mooring system in a 225kW downwind floating platform developed by X1 WIND. By testing in a relevant environment, the project will also validate critical innovations related to assembly, installation and O&M techniques, reaching TRL5 at the project end.
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