France – Mardi 21/04/2020 – –  Title: Changes in the zooplankton in the Bay of Marseille over the past two decades and impact on the functioning of the ecosystem. (Acronym: ZOO-INDEX)


Selection procedure:
Candidates will send their CV and a motivation letter for the proposed PhD project to F. Carlotti (francois.carlotti@univ- and to D. Bănaru ( at the latest 15 mai 2020.


One candidate will be chosen by F. Carlotti for based excellent records during in Master degree. This candidate will make a presentation to defend the PhD proposal and show her/his capabilities to achieve the proposed work. The oral session will take place in Marseille early July 2020. 20 candidates will present their thesis subject and an half will be granted.



Le site instrumenté SOLEMIO (Site d’Observation Littoral pour l’Environnement du MOI) a été mis en place le 14/05/2013, sur des fonds de 60m à proximité du point SOMLIT (43°16.540 N ; 05° 20.171 E). Il est composé d’une bouée de surface de type MOBILIS de 4 m3 maintenue par un mouillage en deux points.


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