Etats-Unis – Greece – Thursday 23/01/2020 – Hellenic Cables announced on 20/01/2020 an agreement with Semco Maritime A/S for the supply of inter-array cables for the Mayflower Wind project, a joint venture of Shell New Energies US LLC and EDPR Offshore North America LLC.

The offshore wind project was selected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to supply 804 MW of clean, renewable energy to electricity customers within the state with expected start-up in 2025.


EDM 23 01 020 SchematicMapofMayflower


Hellenic Cables will be responsible for the design, supply and storage of approximately 300 km of 66 kV, XLPE insulated submarine inter-array cables, aimed at connecting the project’s wind turbines to its offshore substation. 


The cables will be manufactured in Hellenic Cables’ state-of-the-art submarine cable production facility in Corinth, Greece over an extended period. Continuous manufacturing is expected to be completed in the end of 2023, with final installation expected around 2025.





Hellenic Cables is proud to support Mayflower Wind in this pioneering project, one of the first commercial-scale offshore wind projects in the US, with its top-tier cable design and manufacturing expertise. In doing so, Hellenic Cables is also proud to contribute in enabling the clean energy transition in the US.  

Hellenic Cables recently consolidated its presence in the US offshore wind market with the establishment of Hellenic Cables America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, providing US customers with direct support and expertise throughout the entire lifetime of their project.

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Points de repère

04/11/2019 – Mayflower Wind Energy LLC (Mayflower Wind), l’entreprise commune de Shell New Energies US LLC (Shell) et EDPR Offshore North America LLC (EDPR), a été choisie par le Massachusetts pour fournir 804 MW issus de l’éolien offshore. Le parc éolien en mer prévoit d’alimenter environ un demi-million de foyers.


Hellenic Cables is one of the largest cable producers in Europe, manufacturing power and telecom cables as well as submarine cables for various industries, including offshore wind and utilities, as well as undertaking turnkey power transmission and distribution projects. Through its fully-owned subsidiary Fulgor SA, Hellenic Cables operates its submarine cables plant in Corinth, Greece.


Hellenic Cables recently implemented a EUR 150 million investment plan for the production of high and extra high-voltage submarine cables at Fulgor plant. Hellenic Cables represents the cable production segment of Cenergy Holdings SA.



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