Suède – Jeudi 22/09/2016 – « Ils Bougent » Stefan Dohler a été nommé Chief Financial Officer (CFO) de Vattenfall qui présidé par Magnus Hall. 

Il prendra ses nouvelles fonctions à compter du 1er Décembre 2016. Stefan Dohler est actuellement premier vice-président de la Business Area Markets et membre de l’équipe de gestion de la direction du groupe de Vattenfall. Il succède à Ingrid Bonde qui avait décidé de quitter le Groupe mi-août dernier. Voir article du 16/08/2016 ICI.

Par ailleurs, la Commission Européenne a autorisé l’acquisition par EPH groupe énergétique tchèque et son partenaire financier PPF Investments des sociétés d’extraction et de lignite allemande de Vattenfall.

Vattenfall has appointed a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Stefan Dohler, who is currently Senior Vice President for the Business Area Markets and a member of Vattenfall’s group executive management team, will assume the new post on 1 December, and Vattenfall has already initiated the recruitment process for a new Head of Business Area Markets.

Stefan Dohler will succeed Ingrid Bonde who has decided to leave Vattenfall.

“Stefan has extensive experience from the energy industry and has made a valuable contribution to the work of the executive management team. He has also been responsible for important group projects. I’m very pleased he has now taken on this role in a crucial period of company transformation,” said Magnus Hall, Vattenfall’s President and CEO.

“Being able to contribute in a broad scope to the development of Vattenfall in my new role is a very exciting perspective, especially during this time of change in our industry,” Stefan Dohler said.

Brussels, 22 September 2016

The European Commission has cleared the proposed acquisition of Vattenfall Europe Generation and Vattenfall Europe Mining by Energetický a Průmyslový Holding (EPH) and PPF Investments (PPF). The Commission found the deal would not adversely affect competition in the relevant markets.

The Commission has assessed the impact of the proposed acquisition on competition in the markets for (i) the excavation and supply of lignite, (ii) the supply of pulverised lignite in Germany and (iii) generation and wholesale supply of electricity.

The Commission’s investigation has shown that the proposed transaction will not have an adverse effect on the market for the excavation and supply of lignite as neither of the parties exerts any competitive constraint on each other. Vattenfall’s activities are limited to the Lusatia region (« Lausitzer Revier ») in Germany while EPH, via its subsidiary Mibrag, operates open cast mines in Central Germany (« Mitteldeutsches Revier »).

The Commission considered that switching lignite supply between Vattenfall mines and EPH mines would be unlikely in the future for several reasons, including high transportation costs and differences in lignite quality between Vattenfall and EPH mines. Moreover, lignite will still face increasing competition from other sources of energy such as natural gas in the years ahead due to Germany’s energy policy aiming to reduce CO2 emissions, which will significantly constrain the parties after the transaction.

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