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Ocean Energy Europe 2020 – Jour 1

1 décembre 2020 / 9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min

Le programme de la conférence de cette année examine comment les technologies innovantes de l’énergie océanique peuvent conduire la transition énergétique verte vers un avenir neutre en carbone.

Les impacts de la crise climatique et de la pandémie de coronavirus soulignent l’importance d’investir dans des industries robustes et résistantes aux chocs. La reprise économique mondiale a besoin de nouveaux secteurs durables pour stimuler l’activité industrielle et créer des emplois.

C’est le moment opportun pour montrer que les technologies d’énergie océanique indigènes, infinies et décentralisées sont bien adaptées à cette réalité économique et environnementale. Le programme OEE2020 démontrera également que la chaîne d’approvisionnement étendue et le potentiel d’exportation massif de l’énergie océanique offrent de réels avantages économiques parallèlement à ses références en matière d’énergie verte.


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Francesco La Camera - IRENA Director-General

| Powering the Green Transition with Blue Energy

Francesco La Camera – IRENA Director-General

Francesco La Camera is the Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). He was appointed at the Ninth Assembly of IRENA, the ultimate decision-making body of the Agency. Mr. La Camera took office on 4 April 2019 and brings more than thirty years of experience in the fields of climate, sustainability, and international cooperation.


Ricardo Serrão Santos - Portuguese Minister of Maritime Affairs

| Powering the Green Transition with Blue Energy

Ricardo Serrão Santos – Portuguese Minister of Maritime Affairs

Ricardo Serrão Santos was born in 1954. Lives in the portuguese Autonomous Region of Azores.

Doctor in Biology and Animal Ecology he is Principal Researcher at the University of the Azores, Pro-Rector of the University of the Azores and President of IMAR – Institute of Marine Research.

He was Director of the Department Oceanography and Fisheries of Unniversity of Azores.

Ricardo Serrão Santos has been dedicated to the study of marine biodiversity and ocean ecosystems, and has more than 400 hundred published works of which more than 200 papers in SCI journals included in the Web of Knowledge. He is co-editor of a book on “Seamounts: Ecology, Fisheries and Conservation”, and co-author of a Virtual Centre of Marine Interpretation (CIMV).

During his academic career coordinated and chaired several scientific organizations of the EU, Portugal and the Azores. He holds positions in several scientific advisory bodies and committees among which the Oceanographic Institute of Paris. He is Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Marine Science/ Deep-Sea Environments and Ecology.

Ricardo Serrão Santos is member of the Portuguese Academy of Sciences and Emeritus Member of the Portuguese Navy Academy.

He has received several honorable mentions and awards, among which a «Gift to the Earth» by WWF in 2002, the “Insígnia Autonómica de Reconhecimento” awarded by the Legislative Parliament of the Azores and the Azores Government in 2012, commended “Chevalier de l’Ordre de Saint Charles” by SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2013, awarded the Prize “Excellence Mare” awarded by PwC Portugal in 2017.

He was also Member of the European Parliament between 2014 and 2019.


Kadri Simson - European Commissioner for Energy

| Powering the Green Transition with Blue Energy

Kadri Simson – European Commissioner for Energy

Kadri Simson is the European commissioner for energy, a position she has held since December 2019. She previously held the position of minister of economics affairs and infrastructure of the Republic of Estonia from 2016 to 2019.


Flagship projects: Watts in the Water

Flagship projects: Watts in the Water

Project by project, the ocean energy sector is steadily increasing the number of installed devices. Many of the latest projects have an impact beyond pure electricity production: opening up markets, showcasing what revenue support can deliver, or proving a new device type.


This session will provide an overview of the most exciting projects underway in the sector at the moment, and an insight into the future plans of the ocean energy’s leading developers.


Chair: Rémi Gruet
CEO | Ocean Energy Europe

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  • Jason HaymanCEO | Sustainable Marine Energy
  • Guillaume GréauHead of Business Development | HydroQuest
  • Trey TaylorFounder & Chief Commercial Officer | Verdant Power
  • Francesca ZarriDirector Technology, R&D & Digital | ENI
Designing the energy system of the future – the value of flexibility

Designing the energy system of the future – the value of flexibility

Fully decarbonising the energy sector is the most pressing step in achieving climate neutrality. In this context, the flexibility and predictability of ocean energy complements variable renewable energy sources and adds significant value to the energy system.


Chair: Marcelle Askew
VP Business Development | Seabased



  • Patrik MöllerCEO | CorPower Ocean
  • Marlène MoutelCommercial Engineer | Sabella
  • Fabio FugazzottoHead of Wind Innovation | ENEL
  • Mark van StiphoutDeputy Head of Unit | European Commission
  • Neil KermodeManaging Director | EMEC
Balancing Renewables: Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges

| Networking Forum

Balancing Renewables: Benefits, Opportunities and Challenges

Seabased will host a 1 hour networking forum on flexibility: to explore how to enable the strategic and practical balancing of renewable energies, including ocean energy. This can generate the most abundant, potent energy baseload for each unique spot in the world.


About Seabased


OceanSET Workshop

| Side Event

OceanSET Workshop

This OceanSET workshop is being organised at OEE2020 to encourage knowledge and expertise sharing between innovation providers and funders. It will be a real opportunity to share the very first results of the second-year mapping and analysis carried out in Member States. Insights will be provided on funding programmes, revenue support, consenting processes or projects funded across Member States, and on technologies, energy production or Investment and O&M costs of the more mature ocean energy devices.


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1 décembre 2020
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9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min
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