Inde Revue scientifique – 05/08/ Jacques Verron (CNRS) a transmis à un appel à contribution dont les articles, après sélection, seront  publiés dans la revue scientifique Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing.


| Call for papers for special issue on satellite oceanography: revolutionizing the « blue economy »

About the Special Issue



The “Blue Economy” revolution in recent years has paved the way for alternate sources of food and energy with safe navigation that has traditionally been at the forefront. While healthy oceans are the need of the hour, the coastal zones are correspondingly under stress due to excessive exploitation. It is therefore essential to monitor and predict the oceans to safeguard and harness their potential. Realizing the need for sustainable ocean development in a more transparent and responsible manner, the United Nations has declared 2021-2030 as the “Ocean Decade” with a major emphasis on working together for “Oceans that we Have to Oceans that we Want”. To accomplish this, regular observations of oceans have become very crucial. Earth Observation satellites play an important role in providing synoptic coverage in a repetitive mode.  Several EO satellites, both from polar and Geo platforms have been routinely providing the observations of sea surface temperature, sea level, ocean color, wave height, ocean surface winds and sea surface salinity. These observations in conjunction with in situ measurements and numerical models become the backbone of operational oceanography and in the studies of ocean extremes, ocean hazards, renewable energy, ocean productivity, coastal vulnerability and climate. In this context, this special issue aims to explore fundamental and applied research on satellite oceanography.

The theme of the special section includes the following:

  • Enabling Sensor Technologies for Oceanography
  • Safe Navigation and Operational Oceanography
  • Marine resources (living and non-living)
  • Coastal Ecosystems, Disasters and Vulnerability
  • Marine Pollution including plastic pollution
  • Marine Geodetic Applications 
  • AI/ML based ocean applications
  • Oceans and Climate change impact
  • Data democracy/dissemination/smart
Guest Editors:
Rashmi Sharma, Scientist-G, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Group Earth, Ocean, Atmosphere, Planetary Sciences and Applications Area Space Applications Centre (ISRO) Ahmedabad, India; Email :
Joaquim Goes, Lament-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, USA; Email :
Jacques Verron, Emeritus Senior Scientist, CNRS France; Email:
Submission Deadline: October 31, 2021

 Cette information est relayée par Pascal Bonnefond, Observatoire de Paris –

 Equipe Rotation de la Terre et Geodesie Spatiale


1/01/2021 – ITW de Jacques Verron, Directeur de Recherche CNRS émérite, président et co-fondateur d’Hydro Matters et d’Ocean Next, sur la recherche appliquée spatiale et les applications, notamment sur les futurs modes de propulsion et les EMR.

Recherches fondamentales sur océanographie et hydrologie : Retombées pour les EMr – ITW de Jacques Verron – Partie 2

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