France – Tuesday 14/05/2019 – As EPCI-M Contractor, Atlantique Offshore Energy, Chantiers de l’Atlantique Business Unit dedicated to offshore constructions, developed and certified an innovative concept for electrical offshore substations required for offshore windfarms.
 SeeOs is based on a modular approach and is fully adaptable to any customer’s needs.


This Scalable Efficient Evolutive Offshore Substation (SeeOs) can accommodate any power requirement, from 200 MW up to 1 GW+, and can be installed on monopile, jacket or floating foundations depending on the offshore site at stake.


The base module design can accommodate any OEM MV GIS, Transformer, HV GIS, HVAC and Auxiliaries equipments. SeeOs1 is a one single module with one transformer which can be enlarged to host two transformers (SeeOs1XL) to address all requirements with a common philosophy. Two or three modules of SeeOs1 or SeeOs1XL can be combined to meet any power requirements up to 1 GW+.


In addition to scalability, SeeOs can also be customized to fulfill specific client preferences, maintenance strategies, local regulation requirements and transport and installation strategy depending on project constraints. These client-specific requirements, such as shunt reactors, harmonic filters, back-up generators, living quarters, enclosed structure or external gangways, workshops or warehouses, can be implemented as add-ons to the base module. With a view beyond the current market, SeeOs has been designed to accommodate the latest technological developments such as 66 kV, future environmental evolutions and the floating offshore wind market.


Since 2012 Atlantique Offshore Energy gained a strong experience into EPC/EPCI/EPCI-M projects, and SeeOs gets the best of it. With its efficient design, SeeOs decreases delivery time by 20%, reduces project CAPEX costs by 20%, and optimizes Operation and Maintenance costs up to 20%. Atlantique Offshore Energy is proud to get the Certification Report and Statement of Compliance from DNV-GL for SeeOs Design, a crucial step in approving the design of electrical offshore substations, validating the underlying assumptions and the studies executed so far which will benefit Atlantique Offshore Energy future projects.



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About Chantiers de l’Atlantique:


Chantiers d’Atlantique at Saint-Nazaire-Nantes, France. has already delivered two sub-stations to the off-shore parks of Rentel and Arkona respective  located in Belgium and Germany.


Located on the Atlantic Coast for 150 years, Chantiers de l’Atlantique is a company dedicated to maritime construction and services to operating floats. Thanks to the expertise of its staff and its sub-contractor network, combined with up-to-date industrial facilities, the company is one of the leaders for designing, building, erecting and commissioning highly complex ships and maritime installations.




Certificate of Compliance (CoC) or Statement of Compliance (SoC) Noise and Vibrations by DNV GL

DEM 14 05 019 DNV GL CoC SoC