Edinburgh, Scotland – Mardi 07/05/2019 – energiesdelamer.eu – Mocean Energy is creating products that provide renewable energy from the ocean for off-grid systems in the ocean. Our core technology is for harnessing energy from ocean waves.



Mocean Energy is seeking to hire a graduate numerical modeller to assist in our wave energy converter (WEC) numerical modelling and design activities.

About Mocean

Mocean Energy is a start-up WEC developer founded in 2015 and based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our core technology is a hinged raft WEC with a novel geometry that increases energy production by a factor of 3 compared to conventional designs. Although it does not show the latest improvements, more can be found: moceanenergy.com/technology.

The Mocean team is small, but our ambitions are large. Joining us will give you the opportunity to be part of an exciting technology development from its early days with tremendous potential for company and career growth.



Permanent position. Rolling application. We will close the application once we have hired someone.


Location Salary

Mocean Energy offices in Based on experience Edinburgh, Scotland

Assist in our development and maintenance of software and numerical models to support the design of novel WECs.

  • Run numerical hydrodynamic models and numerical optimisations. 

  • Develop numerical models based on physics, including writing code. 

  • Maintain the code base, including comments, unit tests and source control. 

  • Validate numerical outputs against physical tank tests. 

  • Set up computing hardware and software. 

  • Incorporate engineering requirements into the design process. 

  • Write reports for both internal and external audiences on outcomes.