Etats-Unis – 01/10/2018 – « Ils bougent » – General Electric a annoncé la nomination de Lawrence Culp au poste de PDG. Il succède à John Flannery.



General Electric, qui rencontre des difficultés, a annoncé, ce lundi, la nomination surprise d’un nouveau PDG, pour redresser le group américain, qui souffre d’une division énergie en pleine tourmente. Lawrence Culp, 55 ans, a remplacé John Flannery, poussé vers la sortie. Le nouveau boss de GE a dirigé le groupe industriel et technologique Danaher Corporation de 2000 à 2014. 

General Electric, qui avait acquis la branche énergie d’Alstom en 2014, a renoncé il y a quelques mois à son engagement de créer un millier d’emplois d’ici à la fin 2018 en France, conduisant le ministre de l’Economie Bruno Le Maire à affirmer en juin qu’il devrait payer « des compensations ». Selon Bercy, GE n’avait créé fin avril que 323 emplois sur les 1.000 promis.





Larry joined GE as an independent director in April 2018, was elected Lead Director in June 2018, and Chairman and CEO of GE in September of 2018.

He served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Danaher Corporation from 2001 to 2014, during which time the company increased revenues and its market capitalization five-fold to $20 billion and $50 billion, respectively.  Investors and analysts alike consistently ranked him as one of the top CEOs in annual Institutional Investor surveys.  Harvard Business Review named Larry one of the Top 50 CEOs in the world.

Larry joined Danaher in 1990 at Veeder-Root, becoming president in 1993.  He was appointed Group Executive and Corporate Officer in 1995, with responsibility for Danaher’s Environmental and Electronic Test and Measurement platforms.  During this time, he also served as President of Fluke and Fluke Networks.  In 1999, he became Executive Vice President, in 2001 Chief Operating Officer, and in 2001 President and CEO.

Larry is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, focusing on leadership, strategy and general management in the MBA and executive education programs, a Senior Advisor at Bain Capital Private Equity, and member and the immediate past chair of the Board of Visitors and Governors of his alma mater, Washington College.  He also serves on the Wake Forest University Board of Trustees.  Previously, Larry served on the boards of T. Rowe Price Group, GlaxoSmithKline, and chaired the board of the Potomac School.  

A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Larry received a B.A. in Economics from Washington College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.



En France, General Electric est présent depuis 100 ans et particulièrement implantée depuis 40 ans.


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