Séville – Espagne – CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – March 31st: Due date for reception of papers’ summaries – 9th Annual Technical Sessions ENERMAR


AINE, Spanish Association of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers’ working group “PAT18” is pleased to encourage companies, organisms and individuals keen on the topic to take part in these sessions as speakers in one of the proposed theme panels.
These technical panels will be made up of 15-minute speeches and a Q&A wrap-up about the following themes related to the Marine and Ocean Renewable Energies:
 Floating offshore wind.
 Bottom-fixed offshore wind.
 Support and installation vessels/systems for offshore renewable energy devices
 Innovative systems for marine renewable energies’ generation, storage or distribution.
The summaries can be written both in English and Spanish, as well as the presentation.
Interested in presenting a paper, must send a summary according to the instructions in Annex I before March 31st, 2018 to enermar@ingenierosnavales.com, stating “ENERMAR 2018” and the paper’s title in the subject.
A specific of the summaries not selected will be chosen for the poster exhibition during the Technical Sessions ENERMAR.
Draft Calendar:
 March 31st: Due date for reception of papers’ summaries
 April 27th: Selection of papers by the Technical Committee
 May 4th: Final program’s closure
 June 15th: Due date for papers’ delivery
 June 28th & 29th: 9th ENERMAR Technical Session

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