Boston – United States – Monday 19/03/2018 – The up-to 1.6GW Bay State Wind project has been fast-tracked by the federal government, becoming the first offshore wind project to do so.

Bay State Wind, a partnership between Ørsted and Eversource, was given “FAST-41” status, putting it on a more efficient track.

As a covered project under Title 41 of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST-41), Bay State Wind will benefit from enhanced coordination, transparency, predictability, and oversight of the federal reviews and permitting required before construction, according to the release.

Bay State Wind is one of three bidders competing for Massachusetts’ first offshore wind contract. The others are Vineyard Wind, co-owned by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Avangrid Renewables; and Deepwater Wind, the Rhode Island company behind the Block Island project.

Bay State Wind and Vineyard Wind each proposed a project of either 400 or 800 megawatts, while Deepwater Wind proposed a project of 200, 256 or 400 megawatts.

Two projects — Bay State Wind and Revolution Wind (Deepwater Wind) — plan to bring power ashore in Somerset where electricity infrastructure already exists from the closed Brayton Point power plant, which was fired by coal. Revolution Wind would also use a secondary site at Quonset Point in Rhode Island. Vineyard Wind intends to bring its electricity ashore on Cape Cod, in Yarmouth or Barnstable, and transmit the power via underground cables to an existing substation in Barnstable.

“With 23 offshore wind farms around the world, we always live up to our commitments to bring projects forward in a timely and responsible fashion,” said President of Ørsted North America Thomas Brostrøm in a news release.

All three developers have signed a letter of intent to use the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal as a staging area for construction, and all three have offices in New Bedford staffed at least part-time.

The bids will be evaluated by representatives of the electricity distribution companies and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, overseen by an independent evaluator. The deadline for selection of one or more projects is April 23.


Points de repère

21/02/2018 –  La FERC, vient de donner un sérieux coup de pouce au déploiement de l’offshore dans le Massachusetts. La FERC a accéléré, la semaine dernière, la procédure pour permettre la mise en place d’interconnexions pour l’atterrage de l’énergie éolienne des mers.


Bay State Wind Submits Bid to Build Massachusetts’ First Offshore Wind Farm

22/12/2017 – Partie 1/3 – Bay State Wind, JV entre Ørsted (ex DONG Energy) et Eversource, a présenté le 20/12/2017 son offre en réponse.

The project, which will be located 25 miles off of New Bedford, will be a significant distance away from the coast and residential communities. It will also include a 55MW battery storage solution, the largest battery storage system ever deployed in conjunction with a wind farm, helping to ensure power is available during peak hours when it is needed most.

Eversource – Mike Auseré, Vice President of Business Development

Ørsted – Thomas Brostrøm, President of North America.