Suède – Vendredi 15/09/2017 – « Ils Bougent » – Mårten Görnerup has been appointed CEO of the newly established joint venture company HYBRIT Development AB. He joins HYBRIT from Metsol, a technical consultancy firm in the steel sector, where he was CEO. Mårten has a background in metallurgy research.

“HYBRIT is an exciting, forward-looking company that can help us to provide society with steel while achieving climate objectives. It’s therefore a great honor for me to become the company’s CEO,” said Mårten Görnerup.

“Mårten Görnerup has extensive experience of both the steel sector and the world of research. He brings precisely the expertise that this initiative now needs,” said Martin Pei, Chairman of the Board at HYBRIT.

Mårten Görnerup formally assumed the post of CEO on September 1 and will gradually step up his involvement in HYBRIT.

Since this spring the Board has comprised Martin Pei, Chairman of the Board, Åsa Sundqvist, Board member, Andreas Regnell, Board member and Olle Wijk, co-opted Board member.


Mårten specialises in the field of metallurgical production and processes. He has a deep theoretical knowledge combined with a practical field approach and a social skill set that ensures that the job gets done.

Mårten has a professional and social integrity, is highly motivated and efficient with international experience and adaptive to cultural differences, and, +15 years of experience from metallurgical operations


Points de repère

13/09/2017 – HYBRIT initiative lancée par SSAB, LKAB et Vattenfall début avril 2016 pour un acier sans énergie fossile s’organise en société ICI.




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