Aarhus – Denmark – Vendredi 26/08/2016 – « Ils bougent » energiesdelamer.eu. Anciennement DNV GL,  Axel Junke est nommé Directeur de K2 Management à Hamburg. 

K2 Management, société 100% indépendante intervient notamment pour l’installation des parcs éoliens offshore. Denmark-headquartered wind consultancy K2 Management A/S has appointed Axel Juhnke as Managing Director of K2 Management GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany.

Axel Juhnke, who will be joining K2 Management on 1 September, is replacing Peter Steinfeld and Kurt Stürken. Steinfeld will take a new role as Chief Specialist, Offshore Projects and join the Board of Directors of K2 Management GmbH. Stürken has chosen to resign from K2 Management.

Juhnke has since 2014 been working at WindManShip (WMS), first as a Manager for Business Development, Senior Consultant, and for the past year as General Manager.

WMS provides logistics and maritime services, to support the planning, manufacture and construction phases of offshore projects. Prior to this role, Axel Juhnke worked six years at DNV GL, heading the offshore project certification department.