Rob Stevenson
Bruxelles, Belgique (U.E) – Mercredi 24/022015. Energies de la mer. Le conseil d’administration d’Ocean Energy Europe a élu Rob Stevenson comme président. Rob Stevenson est vice-président d’Alstom Ocean Energy Business depuis 2013 from. Auparavant il était vice president de Rolls-Royce Power Ventures and CEO de Tidal Generation Ltd.
Rémi Gruet nommé CEO d’OEE en janvier 2015 (en remplacement de Dr Sian George) participe à la 12è conférence « Tidal et Wave » organisée par RenewableUK à Edinburgh les 25 et 26/02/2015. Il interviendra mercredi sur « Comprendre la politique et le financement de soutien de l’Europe pour les énergies renouvelables de la mer ».

Le 9/12/ 2014, Ocean Energy Europe avait élu six nouveaux membres sur les 18 qui composent le Board.

. Kieran O’Brien, Executive Director of European Business Development, Carnegie Wave Energy

. Tony Lewis, Emeritus Beaufort Professor, University College Cork
. John Malcolm, CEO, Aquamarine Power
. Jose Luis Villate, Director of Marine Energy, Tecnalia
. Jochen Weilepp, Strategic Advisor, Sustainable Marine Energy


. Oliver Wragg, Commercial Director, European Marine Energy Centre

Press Release : Ocean Energy Europe’s Board of Directors has elected Rob Stevenson as its new President. Stevenson is Vice-President of Alstom’s Ocean Energy Business, having moved in 2013 from his position as Vice-President of Rolls-Royce Power Ventures and CEO of Tidal Generation Ltd. His appointment follows the election of 6 new Directors on Ocean Energy Europe’s Board.
“Ocean energy technologies have an important contribution to make to a sensible generation mix that provides low carbon electricity and enhances security of supply. But challenges must be made more visible, and a plan must be put in place to mitigate them. Ocean Energy Europe provides an excellent platform to move the debate on ocean energy into a more productive, collaborative phase and I am very happy to contribute to this”, said Mr Stevenson upon his appointment.
Stevenson has over 35 years’ international management experience of the power generation sector across a wide variety of fuel mixes and has held senior management positions in both power utilities and large industrial manufacturers including managing start-up businesses, project development and technology development. Stevenson has detailed electricity market knowledge and is a passionate supporter of the renewable industry and specifically the ocean energy industry.

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, welcomed the appointment, “We are very pleased that Rob Stevenson will be the next President of Ocean Energy Europe. His considerable experience and expertise will be of great value to the sector as it moves from demonstration to commercial reality over the coming decade”.

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