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PAT 18 ENERMAR EDM 23 03 2018




Espagne - Vendredi 23/03/2018 - energiesdelamer.eu. The  9th  Edition  of ENERMAR Technical Sessions will be held in Seville, Spain by next June, 28 th and 29 th  under the motto: “The sea and marine renewable energies: The contribution of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering”.

PAT18, the working group of the Spanish Association of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (AINE) are pleased to call all companies, organizations and  individuals keen on the topic to collaborate in the Sessions as speakers in one of the below four theme panels:

  • Floating offshore wind.
  • Bottom-fixed offshore wind.
  • Support and installation vessels/systems for offshore renewable energy devices
  • Innovative systems for marine renewable energies’ generation, storage or distribution.

Each panel will consist in 4 speeches, each lasting 15 minutes, and a wrap-up QA.


For more details, read the link “Call for Papers ENGLISH in the web site: 


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