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Europe - Mercredi 16/05/2018 - energiesdelamer.eu - MaRINET2 has opened registrations for its first set of short duration courses.

These two to five day courses are led by WavEC (Portugal), and ten will be organized over the next three years. The courses are organized and lectured by project partners, and will be focused on three areas: wave, wind and tidal.



The topics covered include integrated tank testing, hydrodynamics of fixed and floating offshore wind turbine foundations, reliability and risk analysis of ORE technologies as well as test and verification processes from tanks to the sea.


The courses are aimed at early-stage researchers and postgraduate students, as well as industry and private sector participants. They are free to attend, and travel & subsistence support is available to researchers and students.

Information on programme, location and duration of the courses is available on the MaRINET2 website, which will be updated whenever there are new details.



About Marinet2

MaRINET2 is a €10.5m project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, and coordinated by the MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland) Centre in University College Cork. The project will accelerate the development of offshore renewable energy technologies by providing free-of-charge access to a network of 57 research facilities across Europe. Access will be granted through a series of competitive calls for applicants.



Points de repère


Rules for Travel & Subsistence support provided to early-stage researcher and postgraduate student attendees of the MARINET 2 short training courses 


For questions regarding the short-courses organisation, please contact : http://www.marinet2.eu/training/shortcourses/


Rappel : Le 3ème appel à candidatures MaRINET2 ouvrira le 1er novembre 2018. www.marinet2.eu

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