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Marseille Submission deadline: October 4th, 2019


France - 26/07/2019 - energiesdelamer.eu. FOWT 2020 will be held on 22, 23, 24th April 2019


Official language is English

The submitted papers will be reviewed by FOWT’s Scientific and Technical Committee. The selected abstracts will be expected to be translated into powerpoint presentations lasting no longer than 10-12 minutes.


FOWT 2020’s central theme will be: “Floating wind: definitely accelerating, truly global”.

Your submissions will need to address the following topics, will need to be original and specifically prepared for FOWT 2020:

1 - Commercial-scale readiness: latest lessons learned from existing floating offshore projects (digitalization, O&M, scalability, cost- reduction …,

2 - Floating offshore wind: an onshore matter? Harbor infrastructures and on-shore solutions supporting commercial-scale FOW deployment

3 - Innovations in grid and electrical connections: electricity transmission and multiple uses

4 - New geographies, new applications: the full potential of FOW

5 - Floating offshore wind: a WIN/WIN deal for the environment?

6 - Innovations in methods and key components (not floating concepts) paving the way to a competitive LCoE

7 - Supply-chain readiness: from demonstrators and pilot farms to serial production (from mooring systems, cables and wind turbines to offshore operations)

8 - Financing and insuring commercial-scale wind farms: a steadily growing appetite …

9 - Developers and utilities: how to become a leader in FOW?

Abstract submittals:The abstracts must be submitted in English to: contact@fowt-conferences.com

before October 4th, 2019.

Format – PDF A4 

Font: Arial 

Font size: 11 

Line spacing: single 

It should contain:

The topic at the top of the page so we can save it by reference topic 

The title of the presentation (Should be limited to 20 words) 

The name of the(s) author(s) 

Speaker’ Name and functions (presentation can only be held in English) 

Company / Organisation 

Text (between 300 and 400 words / no exceedances permitted) 

Contact details : phone number and email 

If your summary is accepted, you will be expected to submit your full presentation using the presentation template which will be provided by the Organization Committee. 

Les traductions anglaise, espagnole et allemande sont générées de manière automatique, la qualité du texte peut être altérée.

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