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Naval Energies is a leader in the field of marine renewable energy.

All over the world, we contribute to the development of alternative, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy, originating from the most powerful source there is: the sea.

For the last ten years, our teams have been designing and implementing industrial and commercial solutions to address the energy challenges of tomorrow.

The financing of the transition to renewable energy, according to the goals defined in the Paris Agreement, is a subject of prime importance for Naval Energies, which brings its technological expertise as a company that is locally committed to the reflection being undertaken by international authorities.

From site studies to the construction of systems, from on-site deployment to underwater connections bringing the power to land: we are present throughout the product lifecycle and master the entire value chain: design, construction, installation and maintenance, both at sea and in coastal zones.

Floating wind turbines harness the energy of offshore winds in deep maritime areas farther from the coast, which are powerful and constant.

Unlike fixed-foundation wind turbines that are supported by a base, which is directly set on the seabed using a gravity foundation, this solution is based on a floating structure — in concrete, steel or a steel/concrete hybrid combination — fixed to the seabed by an anchoring system that controls its movements.


Naval Energies intervenes both as a system engineering leader and sub-system engineering leader at multiple levels in the OTEC field: from the design of thermal exchangers (condensers and evaporators) to the construction of complete onshore OTEC systems, with the possibility of associating co-products such as desalination, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning), in association with other industrial partners.

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