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Pays-Bas - 14/12/2016 – energiesdelamer.eu - TOCARDO successfully tested the scaled version of the UFS (Universal Foundation System) at the MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) Concept Basin. (mis à jour le 23/10/2019) 


Pieter de Haas, Chief Technical Officer at TOCARDO Tidal Power, said: “Our scale model passed the test with flying colors and behaved exactly like we expected and even better than that”.


Already since 2008, the engineers of Tocardo are determined to deliver the best tidal power solution at the lowest cost of energy. They have followed a thorough step-by-step product development process and have built, installed and tested as many as 15 tidal turbines up until now. With every turbine deployed, the grid is fed with predictable, reliable and renewable energy. Now in 2016, Tocardo is proud to present its UFS for five 300kW-rated T2 bi-directional turbines . It’s a semi-submersive floating 1.5MW tidal power platform. The most proven, reliable and cost effective product within the industry, and a valuable building block for offshore tidal power plants.”


The 1:18 scale model was successfully tested in the basin which has a length of 220 m, a width of 4 m and a depth of 3.6 m. A wave generator is fitted at the end of the basin and has a capacity up to a significant wave height of 0.55 m at a peak period of 2.3 seconds, which simulates 17 meter high waves at 12 sec? period in the real offshore environment Regular wave capacity is 1.1 m at a peak period of 2.3 seconds. Opposite the wave generator, a passive sinkable wave absorber is installed. Wind can be simulated by an adjustable platform spanning the full width of the basis fitted with electrical fans.

MARIN research institute provides the maritime and offshore industry knowledge and independent investigation. Using the latest testing facilities and simulators, and in cooperation with an extensive network of research and innovation their goal is: the development of cleaner, safer and smarter ships and maritime structures.

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