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Philippe Barril SBM Offshore EDM 26 02 019

erik lagendijk SBM Offshore EDM 26 02 019



Netherlands - Mardi 26/02/2019 - "Ils Bougent" energiesdelamer.eu. At the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) on April 10, 2019, the first term of Philippe Barril as Management Board member and COO and Erik Lagendijk as Management Board member and CGCO expires. During the AGM it will be proposed that they are re-appointed as a member of the Management Board for a four year term.

Laurence Mulliez, Cheryl Richard and Sietze Hepkema complete their first term as Supervisory Board member during the AGM on April 10, 2019. During the AGM, it will be proposed that they are re-appointed for a second term as Supervisory Board member.



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SBM Offshore N.V. is a listed holding company that is headquartered in Amsterdam. It holds direct and indirect interests in other companies that collectively with SBM Offshore N.V. form the SBM Offshore Group (“the Company”).

SBM Offshore provides floating production solutions to the offshore energy industry, over the full product lifecycle. The Company is market leading in leased floating production systems delivered to date, with multiple units currently in operation and has unrivalled operational experience in this field. The Company’s main activities are the design, supply, installation, operation and the life extension of floating production solutions for the offshore energy industry.



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