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Mardi 07/05/2019 – energiesdelamer.eu. Two technology teams were recognized today at the 50th annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) – Siemens BlueVault™ energy storage solutions and the Subsea Power Grid. Siemens is one of three companies to receive two Spotlight on New Technology (SONT) awards this year.


The Spotlight on New Technology (SONT) Awards is a program for OTC exhibitors that showcase the latest, most advanced technologies within the oil and gas industry.

BlueVault™ energy storage is a lithium-ion battery-based energy storage solution suited for both all-electric and hybrid (e.g., diesel-electric) power applications. It’s specifically designed to help ensure power continuity and minimize emissions on vessels and offshore drilling rigs as well as for offshore production topsides to improve performance, redundancy principles and gas turbine power plant performance. The solution is highly digitalized and features an advanced condition-monitoring system that monitors the voltage and temperature of individual battery cells to provide state-of-health and state-of-charge transparency of the energy storage solution.

“The development of the BlueVault energy storage solution focused on creating the safest energy storage solution in the offshore and marine industry,” said Stig Settemsdal, Chief Technology Officer, Offshore Solutions, Siemens. “This award inspires our team to continue its efforts to drive safety in offshore and marine all-electric and hybrid power solutions into the future.”

The Subsea Power Grid is designed to power subsea production equipment cost-effectively and with minimum risk. A departure from the more conventional approach to powering subsea assets, this technology transforms field developments by moving power distribution equipment like transformers, switchgear and variable speed drives (VSD) subsea, thereby reducing cost and making previously uneconomically recoverable oil and gas resources recoverable.

“This award serves as a further encouragement to us in our daily efforts to deliver cost efficient, reliable power distribution technology that supports complex subsea developments that require flexible power solutions,” said Atle Stroemme, Executive Vice President, Subsea at Siemens.

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