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FOWT 2018

Date: 25 avril 2018 - 27 avril 2018

Lieu: Palais du Pharo Marseille

La manifestation dédié à l'éolien offshore flottant est placée sous le haut patronage de Nicolas HULOT, Ministre d'État, Ministre de la Transition écologique et solidaire. 


Present and future public policies promoting floating wind

Atelier animé par Pauline Le Bertre, CEO, France Wind Energy Association - FEE

09:30 - 11:00 


Giles Dickson - WindEurope


Laurent MICHEL - French Ministry of ecological and inclusive transition


Irene Rummelhoff - Statoil New Energy Solutions


Fuminori Hioki - New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization


Stephen WYATT - ORE Catapult

11:00 - 11:30 

Financing utility-scale floating wind farms. Different countries, same challenges ?

Atelier animé par Mark Dooley, Global Head of Green Energy, Macquarie Capital

11:30 - 13:00 

Financing utility-scale floating offshore wind projects

Martin Guzzetti - Green Giraffe

Project finance scheme of huge floating offshore wind power projects in Japan

Yasuhiro MATSUI - Development Bank of Japan Inc

Floating wind is a game changer: key success factors to achieve a bankable, insurable and financeable floating wind commercial-scale project

Julien MARCHAL - Naval Energies

Key Commercialisation Risks for Floating Wind


Bankability and prototype testing: the necessity of floating wind turbine demonstration and full-scale testing

Thomas Choisnet - Ideol 
Johan Slätte - DNV GL

13:00 - 14:30 

From conception to decommissioning, lessons learned from executed projects

Atelier animé par Rhodri James, Manager, Policy and Innovation ,The Carbon Trust

14:30 - 16:00 

Brief History of FOWT Development in Japan and Challenge for Future

Hideyuki SUZUKI - University of Tokyo

Can floating wind be competitive with fixed bottom? Principle Power’s perspective

Guillaume ARDOISE - Principle Power

Hywind Scotland - 6 months down the road: from Preparation to Operations

Halvor Hoen Hersleth - STATOIL

Completion of Barge type steel floater fabrication applied for shallow water depth in Japan

Tatsuo TOKIMASA - Hitachi Zosen

Is it time to move to commercial scale floater projects?

Jesper Møller - Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

16:00 - 16:30 

Safe and cost-efficient mooring systems and offshore operations. Dream or reality ?

Atelier animé par Martin DUMONT, Mooring Engineer, Development Department, Bureau Veritas

16:30 - 17:45 

Workability on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Denis MATHA - Ramboll Wind & Towers

Development and Implementation of a Subsea Tensioned Mooring System

Andrew CLAYSON - Flinstone Technology Limited

An alternative methodology for the installation, testing and retrieval of mooring lines


Challenges & Opportunities of integrating mooring lines & power cables in a commercial scale floating wind farm

Clément MOCHET - Vryhof 
Alex GAUNTT - Siem Offshore Contractors

26 avril

Bringing electricity back to shore : grid issues, methods, solutions and innovations

Atelier animé par Alfredo Parres, Group Senior Vice President and Head of Renewables of ABB ‘s Power Grid Division

09:30 - 11:00 

Dynamic and Static Submarine Cable Systems for Hywind Scotland - World’s first Floating Offshore Wind Farm

Maxime Toulotte - NEXANS

Dynamic Cable System for Floating Offshore Wind Turbine in shallow water

Masatoshi NISHIKAWA - Sumitomo Electric Industries

RTE at the core of floating’s future in France : solutions & offshore grid costs optimization

Jean Michel PROST - RTE

A methodology for techno-economic design of the umbilical cable for floating Offshore Renewable Energy structures

Francesco BOSCOLO PAPO - Tecnalia

The Floating Offshore Substation – A Technical Challenge To Be Addressed

Pierre Paul LACAS - STX France Solutions

11:00 - 11:30 

Permitting, zoning, acceptability, environmental issues : getting ready for commercial-scale deployments

Atelier animé par Ruud de Bruijne, Senior Expert Renewable Energy and Electricity Sector Project manager offshore wind, RVO.nl - Netherlands Entreprise Agency

11:30 - 13:00 

The framework of the impact study and tender structure – The adoption of the envelop authorization to favor cost reduction

Hélène GELAS - LPA-CGR Avocats

How to make an offshore wind project a widely shared social initiative?

Phlippe VEYAN - EDF EN

Title to be confirmed shortly

Catherine PIANTE - WWF

Flexibility in the offshore wind projects: a key of success



13:00 - 14:30 

Combining supply-chain readyness with competitiveness and optimal local value-creation. Can we have our cake and eat it too ?

Atelier animé par Robert FRADLEY, Head of Project Services, RES

14:30 - 16:00 

The TetraSpar Concept – Design to Manufacturing

Henrik STIESDAL - Stiesdal Offshore Technologies A/S

FOW gearing up for commercial scale

Joost Heemskerk - SBM Offshore

Thinking global, building local : a real case for highly competitive and locally built floating offshore wind turbines


O&G floating expertise deployed in offshore wind – crossover effects and local presence

Jon Dugstad - NORWEP

PELAGOS, the Mediterranean Cluster for the development of Marine Renewable Energy

Markos Damasiotis - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving

How to prepare and cook the cake?

Alexandre Lodygensky - NEOPOLIA

Title to be precised soon

Habib Joseph Dagher - University of Maine

27 avril

Environmental impact and Resource

Atelier animé par Thomas Choisnet, Ideol, Chief Technology Officer

08:30 - 10:00 

An innovative regional approach to the analysis of typhoons impact on floating wind farms

Jérôme CUNY - Open Ocean

Multi-sensor detection systems pave the way for automated monitoring of bird behaviour at floating wind farms

Henrik SKOV - DHI

Benefits of an innovative floating LiDAR solution for the design and financing of commercial scale floating offshore wind farms


Measuring environment-MRE interactions: examples from the SPECIES & ABIOP projects

Guillaume DAMBLANS - France Energies Marines

10:00 - 10:30 

Design Methodology and Rules - Session 1

Atelier animé par Michel Benoit, Ecole Centrale de Marseille

10:30 - 12:30 

CASTOR Vortex solver coupled with the DeepLinesWindTM software : an accurate aero-hydro-servo-elastic tool for FOWT design

Pauline BOZONNET - IFP Energies Nouvelles

A hybrid system to represent the aerodynamic loads of floating wind turbines during wave tank tests

Tommaso Battistella - University of Cantabria

Control optimization for the Floatgen floating wind turbine: from paper into reality


Designing FOWT mooring system in shallow water depth

Vincent ARNAL - Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Systems engineering for the next generation of floating wind turbines

Po Wen CHENG - University of Stuttgart

Innovative fully coupled design tools for floating wind turbine simulations

Julien SIMON - EDF Energies Nouvelles

12:30 - 13:30 

Design Methodology and Rules - Session 2

Atelier animé par Christian Berhault, Ecole Centrale Nantes

13:30 - 15:15 

Cable Life Cycle Assurance


Subsea Arches - Cable Systems Engineering for LCOE Reductions

Gilles Gardner - 2H Offshore


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